Friday, September 22, 2006


Interviewed a wine maker yesterday to try to get a better grasp of the water to wine miracle. Learned that even "young" wine requires quite a process and a fair bit of time; that there are many variables, some completely outside the control of the wine maker; that the best wine takes time and the almost miraculous alignment of these factors.

So, Jesus produces the best wine of the day in an instant, compresses years of process into a second, aligns all the variables precisely. It's a big miracle.

But why? So the groom wouldn't be embarrassed by running out; so the party could go on; he could use the six sacred water pots to make a point: It's time to dismantle religion. When religious structures and traditions interfere with true celebration, relationship, and joy, they need to go.

What would he dismantle in your life, what sacred pots does he need to desecrate, in order to release your joy?


At 9:58 a.m., Blogger staceman said...

When Jesus blessed the water.... why did it have to turn to a wine as we know it....
Jesus..."God in the flesh", when blessing the water to turn it into wine.... is it not possible that the molecules became so alive, so super charged with Gods Blessing, that they were filled with the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy the disiples were in the day of Pentecost?

It is a fact, proven by photgraphy, that water that has been blessed, at the moment of water transisting from a liquid to a vapour, is alive with techno-color and forms a distinct image like a snowflake. Similarly, curse the water, and at the transition from liquid to displays an inert, dead darkened image.

So to say it was wine, as we know wine, with alcohol, may be (also means may not) a little stretch. However to stand on any point that the water was converted to wine with alcohol, is missing the point of all the scriptures.... Grace and Love.

Be Well Blessed
In His Image
So that every breath you breathe,
May you breathe his breath into those you meet!



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